placecreature is a service for using creature agnostic image placeholders. Inspiration came from what the folks at placekitten are doing, but, hey, maybe you're not a cat person. Maybe you're more of a dog, cow, or flying squirrel person

How To Use

Just like other image placeholder services, you simply add the width and height to your URL path. Like this:

Doing the above will give you a random creature placeholder. If you want to use a specific creature for your placeholder, simply add the creature name to the URL like so, replacing spaces for dashes '-':

Note that an invalid creature name will yield a 404 status code. A full list of creatures available can be found at If you want JSON output for a creatures list, use:

Suggest A Creature

If you'd like to suggest a creature, or would like to suggest a photo for an existing creature, feel free to send a message. If you are suggesting a photo, please keep in mind that only images that are public domain or licensed under Creative Commons will be considered.


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